Technical consulting and development support for steel tubes

Support from BENTELER Distribution

Markets and industries are constantly changing and with that, the demands for the applied materials. Our proximity to the procurement and sales markets enable us to react to changing demands and utilize the potential of latest technological developments to the maximum.

Our technical customer service staff and experienced product engineers are more than happy to give you extensive advice in all questions regarding material selection and the optimum adjustment of product properties.

Your benefits: Increased product quality and profitability

Improved profitability by means of material savings: Steel grades with an increased yield stress enable the application of steel tubes with a minimized wall thickness. This enables reducing your material consumption and at the same time, your overall cost of materials.

Utilizing weight-saving potentials by using high strength steels: Applications, for which weight reduction is the vital key requirement, require the use of technologically advanced high strength steels. This enables saving weight by up to 39%.

Increased product reliability by means of property-optimized materials: Applications, which are exposed to extreme conditions such as very low temperatures or aggressive media, make the highest demands on the material. The selection of the appropriate material is decisive for the quality of your product.

Fulfillment of individual high performance requirements by means of precisely designed products: In close collaboration with leading technological steel tube manufacturers, we support you in the development of individual steel tube products for specific material requirements.

Additional product approvals and tests on request

Of course we conduct additional inspections and tests for each steel tube on request. These are conducted by certified partners for industrial quality assurance – or on request at your location.

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