BENTELER Distribution Germany added a new tube to its portfolio: A recently developed tube from BENTELER Steel/Tube with a latest generation of surface protection. 

The European REACh Regulation strictly limits the manufacturing of galvanized products containing chrome VI for the European Union. Yellow and olive chromated parts will be phased out shortly. With ZISTA® SEAL, BENTELER Steel/Tube has developed an ideal alternative. The additional sealing of the chrome VI-free galvanized tube surface significantly improves the corrosion resistance, which is very beneficial e.g. after customer processing steps. In addition, this surface provides increased protection against damage during transport and handling and thus surpasses the protection of conventional chromium VI-containing and -free galvanizing. 

ZISTA® SEAL at a glance

- Assurance for corrosion resistance in the processed condition

- Fully formable, bendable and paintable

- Reliable corrosion protection – even transport, manipulation marks and scratches have no influence

- Compatible with most coupling systems

- Available in a full line of imperial 0.157” – 1.654” and metric sizes of 4 – 42 mm

- REACh conforming surface (EU countries) 

Customers from several industries such as construction and agricultural machinery appreciate the ZISTA® SEAL benefits. In addition, the product is now increasingly used by our automotive customers.

Customer benefits

- After tube processing min. 24 h white and min. 480 h red rust resistance 

- Continuous high quality surface for the entire hydraulic system

- Cost advantages through the use of ZISTA SEAL (elimination of extra time, handling and secondary plating)

- Storage and transport protection

- High quality alternative to CrVI- surfaces such as yellow chromating (A3C)